The 14-year run of the Dmitri's location on Fitler Square is winding down.

Reason: The building, on the corner of 23d and Pine Streets, is due to be sold next month, and with the sale will come what owner Dmitri Chimes calls "much higher rent" for his Greek seafood specialist. He's on a month-to-month deal now.

Chimes told me that he is not sure what his next move will be, though he wants to open a new restaurant - perhaps even nearby. He owns the liquor license, which is worth north of $85,000.

His flagship location, the BYOB shoebox at Third and Catharine Streets in Queen Village, is going strong since 1989. In 2010, he opened a BYOB at Second and Laurel Streets in Northern Liberties. Neither of these locations would be affected.

Real estate broker Jackie Balin of CBRE, who has been marketing the property, said she had received plenty of interest. She said the building's new owner wants the space to remain as a restaurant.

As I feel that I have to mention in such situations: It's business as usual at Dmitri's for now. A final date has not been set. Should the sale fall through, conceivably the restaurant could remain.