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Drunken doughnuts

Federal Donuts partners with Art in Age spirits for a limited-time series.

Booze for breakfast?

Craft spirits maker Art in the Age has teamed up with South Philly's Federal Donuts shop on a limited-edition line of doughnuts inspired by Art in the Age's ROOT, SNAP and RHUBY.

I have been assured that the doughnuts - ROOT beer float with vanilla icing, gingerSNAP cookie with cookie crumbs on top, and strawberry RHUBarb pie with a rhubarb glaze, pie-crust crumble and strawberry icing - actually contain the spirits.

FedNuts (1219 S. Second St.) has 'em on the menu through April 29. They're $2 each, $20 a dozen.

Tasting note: Sweet. I mean, teeth-chattering.