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First look: Marc Vetri's Amìs

The Roman trattoria, opening Jan. 18, will have small plates and a rock-and-roll soundtrack.

Marc Vetri is rocking-and-rolling at 13th and Waverly Streets as workers put the final touches on his Roman trattoria, Amìs.

Vetri says the health inspection is due Wednesday (12/30) and first public service will be Jan. 14*. Unlike many other restaurateurs, Vetri wants to get the kinks out before he opens.

And speaking of Kinks: The rustic 70-seater, which boasts a dull zinc bar, industrial-look exposed ceiling/walls, and more reclaimed pine than you can shake a stick at, will have a rock-and-roll soundtrack. Vetri explains that all the better Roman trattorias, which he's modeling this on, play American classic rock. (The name Amìs -- pronounced Ah-MEES -- is dialect for "friends" in Lombardy, where Vetri studied.)

Here are a few details and rough photos:

  1. Small-plate menu.

  2. Check average will be in the high $40s, compared with $65 for his Osteria and -- as he says -- "phew!" for his flagship, Vetri.

  3. Wine list of 12 reds and 12 whites plus a half-dozen beers on tap.

  4. Oversize dining bar at the open kitchen.

  5. Vetri chef Brad Spence behind the line.

  6. Construction by Ofer Shlomo, the wizard behind Zahav, Percy Street, and Osteria.

    * moved up