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Food options on the Parkway for the masses

Aramark has a full menu, as well as arrangements with upwards of 20 food trucks.

Visitors to the World Meeting of Families events on the Ben Franklin Parkway on Saturday and Sunday will have extensive food options.

Given the security zone, event vendor Aramark will have a captive audience for much of the two days.

Here is the menu, which will be served at various stands. Not all items will be available at each stand.

As an alternative, Aramark has arrangements with upwards of 20 food trucks, including The Cow & The Curd, Jake's Downtown, Local215, Vernalicious, and Curbside Creamery. Most trucks will be set up just south of the Parkway, on Arch Street between 15th and 17th Streets.  

Aramark's menu is built for ease and speed, and includes Federal Soft Pretzels, Sabra hummus and salsa, salads, an Italian hoagie, sausage, hot dog, a Vietnamese shrimp roll, and two so-called picnic bags.

Top price for sandwiches is $9, about the going rate at many hoagie shops in town.

The bags, which feed two people for $70 and four people for $125, include Tastykakes in a WMOF collectable Tastykake tin, commemorative pope cards with a medal, sandwiches, soft pretzels with mustard, chips, and drinks.