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Franco is so over East Falls

The chef has left his namesake Franco's Trattoria, and the landlord is running it. Meanwhile, he's working on a new place on City Avenue.

Franco Faggi is out of Franco's Trattoria, which he opened in June 2007 off Kelly Drive in East Falls in the spot that was Verge. Representatives of his landlord, Sherman Properties, are running it while they sort out legal issues.

Meanwhile, Faggi (a partner in the now-gone Monte Carlo Living Room) has migrated across the bridge to the Presidential on City Avenue (site most recently of O'Hara's), where he and chef Luca Sena (the son of the Old City restaurateur) are hammering out a new place, Franco's Osteria.

A wood-fired pizza oven will be the focal point, and it's on track for opening at the end of January.