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Walk all over Shane Victorino, why don't you?

The Phillies are selling bits of the World Series championship locker room.

The Phillies believe in recycling.

Rather than toss the old clubhouse carpet from last season, the team has chopped it into 18-by-24-inch pieces.

Last week, the hunks -- decorated with player numbers in authentic uniform fonts, World Series Champions patches and the MLB authentication program hologram stickers -- went on sale at the game-used collectibles kiosk behind Section 126 in the ballpark.

Prices: $150 for the bench players or $250 for the '08 season's big guns.

Two per player.

At $250, by the way, that's $750 a square yard.

Which sounds ridiculous until you realize that the Phillies are now thinking of how to market one of the two 17-by-8-foot Phillies logos from the old carpet.