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Gonzo and Colleen Wolfe off the market

Wedding bells on the way for the Inquirer columnist/97.5 talk host and the host of the PHL Phils postgame show.

Wedding bells are on the way for John Gonzalez, 33, the Inquirer sports columnist/97.5 midday sports-talk co-host, and Colleen Wolfe, 25, host of the PHL Phillies postgame show.

Gonzo tells me that they've known each other for a while and that he proposed in Cape May.

She grew up in Horsham, went to Hatboro-Horsham, and then Drexel. Worked for Lynn Doyle at CN8, then became a booking producer and on-air personality at Comcast SportsNet. Now she's a producer and on-air talent for the company that does the Phils postgame show for PHL 17, as well as the Inside Golf show on CSN.

Gonzo grew up in Media, went to Penncrest, then La Salle. Before landing at 400 N. Broad, he moved to Dallas to become a columnist for the Village Voice Media paper there and then moved to Boston to become a senior writer for Philly Mag's sister mag, Boston.