Ellen Mogell, who owns Honey's Sit N Eat with Jeb Woody, says she's troubled by graffiti that appeared on the vestibule of her Northern Liberties restaurant at Fourth and Brown Streets Saturday morning.

In black spray paint, someone scribbled several tags, including a swastika. None of the other tags or messages referred to the Nazi emblem. One was a skull face and the words "bitin" as well as the words "get drunk fast."

"In 15 seconds, someone rocked my world," Mogell, who is Jewish, told me.

She said she doesn't know what to think - whether it was a direct message or "just some drunk walking down the street and saw the Jewish lettering."

Honey's sign cleverly melds Hebrew characters into the restaurant's name.

The restaurant, which serves Southern-meets-Jewish soul food but no alcohol, opened in 2005.

"It wasn't some customer who had bad matzo ball soup," she said wryly. "Was it just a throwaway graffiti? We'll never know and that's what troubles me."

Staff covered up the swastika pending a clean-up. She said the police were notified and video camera footage was being reviewed.