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Is this one of the best doughnuts in America?

The cookies-and-cream from Federal Donuts finished ninth on the Daily Meal's ranking.

The Daily Meal has risked sugar shock and clogged arteries by crisscrossing the country to name what it contends are the 25 best doughnuts.

One Philly shop's product appears on the list:

The cookies-and-cream from Federal Donuts, which finished ninth.

TDM blurbs that it "takes the popular ice cream flavor and elevates it to new heights: doughnuts gets a coat of Oreo cream-flavored glaze and a perfect dusting of powdered chocolate cookies."

Also on the list, at No, 14, is the crème brûlée doughnut from New York's Doughnut Plant, which has been scouting Philly for locations.

See the slideshow here.

Yes, you can view the list of 25 all at once and not risk carpal tunnel from all the clicking.