You have your bars specializing in martinis, in bourbon, in whiskey, in beer, in vodka.

How about moonshine.

JJ Bootleggers is coming together in Old City at 35 S. Second St., in the spot that last was Red Zone (for five minutes) after a longer spell as Cafe Spice.

The ambiance will be rustic, with walls of reclaimed wood, oak casks and moonshine jars throughout. The bar will stock 'shine as a base liquor, mixing it with a variety of flavors and liqueurs.

Chef/owner Bruce Santino's comfort food menu will be based on the spirit, as well: honey and shine wings, XXX lightning wings, as well as St. Louis-style smoked ribs. Ten beers will be on tap and there will be a bottle and can list.

Planned opening is Saturday, Feb. 15, said their attorney, Bill Morrin.