Philly's Iron Chef, Jose Garces, was in the finals of Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions, a Food Network series in which newer Iron Chefs compete against the old masters.

Garces defeated Masaharu Morimoto last week, and Marc Forgione a few weeks ago. His competition Sunday night was Michael Symon. The secret ingredient was pretzels.

In an interview on Food Network's blog, Garces is asked: "Who is the one chef you would love to battle in Kitchen Stadium and why?"

"I really enjoyed battling fellow Philadelphian Michael Solomonov, whose style differs from mine, but whose dedication to ingredients and technique made for a lively episode. I liked the "hometown pride" aspect of it, so another Philadelphia chef — maybe bring Chef Marc Vetri back for a battle? That would be a lot of fun."

Update: Since many folks DVR the show, I'll name the winner in this link.