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Keystone: A Pennsylvania-theme bar for Pennsport

New life for the Ugly American (and for eons before that, La Vigna) at Front and Federal Streets.

After months of assorted delays, there is light at the end of the tunnel for a bar project at Front and Federal Streets in Pennsport.

What was the Ugly American (and for eons before that, La Vigna) will become Keystone, perhaps in late May.

Given the area's history, owners Sean Glynn, Bryan Tone, and Steve Papa are going for a historical Pennsylvania theme. The interior will have plenty of wood, and both contemporary and throwback elements.

Keystone will have 12 taps - all pouring beer from Pennsylvania. Counting drafts and bottles, the beer complement will be 30 to 40 varieties.

Glynn said they are still in the market for a chef. "We want a hustler," he said, clarifying to add, "he or she can make something their own."

As for the delay, said William Morrin, the attorney handling the liquor license: "It was a long process due in part to the fact that the building was designated as a historical building. While the historical designation turned out to be a headache, in the end was fitting, given the historical theme of the bar."