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Le Castagne's longtime manager leaves

Anthony Masapollo says he wants to do his own thing.

Comes a time after two decades, you want to move on.

Such as it is with Anthony Masapollo, who worked for Carlo Sena first at Old City's La Famiglia and then at its fancy Rittenhouse counterpart, Le Castagne, from its debut in 2001.

Masapollo became a managing partner at Le Castagne and then at the casual sibling Spiga in Washington Square West.

He left to do his own thing. "I felt like it was time to go out on my own," he told me.

Sena will take over as Le Castagne's general manager. In a statement, he and his partners said: "Masapollo's enthusiasm, expertise and guidance to both La Familia and Le Castagne were invaluable and Le Castagne will continue to fully embrace the dynamic, changing restaurant scene of Philadelphia. Both Le Castagne and the Senas wishes Masapollo the best of luck and success in his new endeavors."