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Lloyd: Coming to Fishtown

The former Hot Potato Cafe is being transformed into a whiskey bar.

Trying to get the voice of Jeremy Piven from Entourage out of my head, but...

That's the name of the bar coming to 529 E. Girard Ave. in Fishtown, the former Hot Potato Cafe, in October.

There is a Lloyd behind Lloyd - Lloyd Coudriet, a retired science teacher from Penn Treaty Middle School. He's working with his son Scott and Scott's wife, Taylor.

Scott and Taylor are no strangers to the game, as they worked at establishments in New York - most notably at Whiskey Ward, the Lower East Side brown-liquor destination.

Though they're not positioning Lloyd as a whiskey bar, they will have upwards of 80 whiskies, mostly American, and will offer a few gins, tequilas, rums, and vodkas "because we're a bar," Soctt says.

They're looking for a casual environment - "quality withoiut pretension," Scott said. Simple menu, too.

"We want to makr the cocktail experience more accessible," said Taylor. "Not hoity-toity."