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Matt Levin to helm Rouge kitchen

He's still opening Adsum in Queen Village, but will add some duties on Rittenhouse Square.

Chef Matt Levin is not letting grass grow under his feet.

Less than a month from the opening of his own spot, Adsum, at Fifth and Bainbridge Streets, he will oversee the kitchen at the venerable Rouge on Rittenhouse Square. (Which means, heh heh, he will adsum more work to his life.)

Matt Zagorski, Rouge's longtime chef, is planning to step out to run the Rouge burger affiliate 500º at 1504 Sansom St. In coming weeks, all special additions to the menu will be Levin's food.

Levin's own restaurant Adsum is on schedule for a mid-June opening. When Adsum opens, Levin will step back from Rouge and consult for owners Rob and Maggie Wasserman.

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