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Mexican Post in Old City is closed

The owner expresses a lack of confidence in the city's restaurant scene.

Mexican Post

May 15, 1989-Nov. 20, 2013

Mere weeks after the closing of its Parkway location, the city's flagship Mexican Post restaurant at 104 Chestnut St. in Old City is gone, just shy of 25 years.

Owner Nilesh Desai confirms that he pulled the plug, and he says he has lost confidence in the city's restaurant climate. "Old City in particular is wiped out," he says, contending that business was soft.

He expressed remorse that 40 to 50 employees were out of work at both locations. "We're like family," he said.

Though the city is experiencing soaring restaurant growth, some longtime operators routinely complain that their restaurants suffer with every new opening.

Law of the jungle.

Desai still owns a full-service Mexican Post in Wilmington, as well as food court stands at the Comcast Center and in suburban malls.