The Glenside bar that Spike TV's Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue show redid last year has closed.

Osteria Calabria - a name seldom used for the bar previously known as Plush - had its last call over the weekend.

Business was not the reason for The O.C.'s closing. The building was sold.

Supposedly - and a message for the owner is pending for more info - the bar will resurface in the area.

Management was never too keen about Taffer's upgrades. In a celebrated event off camera, workers restored the old bar to its spot in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Glenside is getting ready to burst with new dining spots, including a restaurant in the Roberts Block building, next to the Glenside train station, and Dino's Backstage, a supper club under construction next to the Keswick Theater. (Dino is Dino Cataldi, who was one of the partners in the mid-'80s/early '90s hit Napoleon Cafe, which moved from Port Richmond to Center City.)