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Neil Patrick Harris movie seeks nude people

"The Best and the Brightest," shooting here, needs extras with something extra.

The Best and the Brightest, the Philly-shot comedy that has Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Somerville playing parents from Delaware trying to get their kid into a ritzy Manhattan school, is looking for actors.

The "type"? Talent that's "comfortable with nudity for background work."

An e-mail from Mike Lemon Casting, forwarded to me by a local actor, says the background talent will be portraying "NUDE people in a sex club, dancing and 'hanging out.' There will be NO simulated sex of any kind. Talent will need to be comfortable with being NUDE." The work will be done next week.

Extras will be paid at the Screen Actors Guild's Special Ability Background Actors rate, which, from figures I could find, is $140 a day.

Lemon will accept submissions from SAG and non-union talent ages 18 and up. While the notice requests headshots and resumes, it makes one thing clear: "NO NUDE PICTURES." Address is