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NoBL in Lansdowne closes to 'reboot'

NoBL in Lansdowne, the ambitious Mediterranean small-plate BYOB in Lansdowne, closed over the weekend after nearly five months.

"It needs a reboot," says owner Steve Wagner, who also owns Sycamore a block away. Chef Sam Jacobson is chef at both restaurants.

Wagner would not say when it would reopen but said it would be "short order."

The issue was labor, says Wagner. The small-plate concept means more plates and thus more cooks- double the staffing he required at a traditional app-entree-dessert restaurant like Sycamore.

When he pulled more staff into the kitchen, the front of the house suffered.

It will come back with a new menu.

After Craig LaBan's tepid review on Oct. 28, which pointed out food and pacing issues, Wagner said he heard from sympathetic customers. But, Wagner said: "I could have written that review. It was on point."