Chinatown is a hotbed of trendiness nowadays - witness its concentration of rolled ice cream shops to buttress its still-growing complement of bubble-tea shops.

Now Chinatown has a poke shop. Longtime friends Stephanie Zhang and Tina Dai, encountering the dish during a vacation to Hawaii last year, have just opened Oishii Poke at 938 Arch St. (It's on 10th Street just south of Arch Street; set your GPS to "51 N. 10th St.")

Zhang is a career restaurateur who last worked at the nearby Hippot Shabu Shabu. Dai's family owns Little Tokyo sushi bar in Cherry Hill.

"Oishii" means delicious in Japanese. You can get your customizable poké three ways. In addition to the familiar bowls, Zhang and Dai offer poké atop salad and as seaweed-wrapped sushi burritos (much as Hai Street Kitchen & Co. does).

The proteins, which the owners say are responsibly sourced, include ahi tuna, salmon, boiled shrimp, crabmeat, shrimp tempura, chicken, tofu, and grilled eel.

Price is $8.95 for two proteins, $10.95 for three. Menu (and it's a mighty big PDF) is here.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

P.S. A second Chinatown poke shop, Philly Poke, is booked to open as part of Chinatown Square, a collection of food vendors under construction at 1016 Race St. That project has been delayed, said owner Kenny Poon. Also due there is a location of the Halal Guys.