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Pat's Steaks gets a nod from Playboy

The mag, looking for the best sandwiches in America, gives props to the South Philly originator., assessing the best sandwiches in America, gives props to Pat's, the South Philly originator of the cheesesteak.

"Aside from the ubiquitous Buffalo Wing, nowhere in the country is a single food item so synonymous with a city than the Philly Cheesesteak," the mag extols.

"This perfectly made, greasy masterpiece has won fans throughout every bar-n-grille in America, but only one place has the balls to name itself the "King of Steaks"— and rightfully so."

Playboy explains the meaning of "Whiz wit'" and loves the "ball-busting counterworkers straight out of central casting for a Rocky sequel." (Why do out-of-towners always invoke Rocky?)

One quibble: The piece misspelled "Passyunk" and Frank Olivieri's last name throughout.