In the second episode of "The Pen" -- the MLB Network reality series about life in the Phillies bullpen* -- pitchers Chan Ho Park, Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey, Brad  Lidge, Jack Taschner and Scott Eyre take a limo ride from San Diego to Los Angeles.

The episode, narrated by Mitch Williams, is on at 9 p.m. Sunday (6/21). MLB will be taping shows until the All-Star break.

In this preview, taped late June 4, we see Lidge chat up a woman at a drive-through** to plug the show and the guys discuss whom they'd like to have dinner with -- dead or alive. Names they toss out: John Wayne (Condrey), Ben Franklin (Taschner), Cy Young (Park) and Jesus (Durbin).

Clip is here.

* Anyone else think the cameras aren't exactly helping the Phillies bullpen?
** Know the name of the fast-food chain? First correct answer (email gets a prize; don't post it. (Answer is not In-N-Out Burger.)

Updated: We have a winner: It's Del Taco. Tipoff is the bag Lidge is holding.