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Philly's ultimate food-truck finder

It's a pet project from a Center City software developer who brown-bags it.

You'd think that software developer Joe Krill would be a major food truck fan, given that he's just launched, the ultimate online resource for those trying to locate Philly's culinary migrants.

But no. "I haven't really eaten at a lot of them," he told me. "I tend to eat healthy and pack my own salad."

The project began when he was looking for something to do on the side. "I saw a need for something like this, but I don't know if I'd call myself a foodie," he said.

Krill's site slickly presents the schedules of 50 or so local food trucks, allowing you to search by location and day. Friend Lindsay Argenziano did the design.

On Tuesday, when two of Love Park's three lunchtime trucks called out because of rain, you would know by checking Chowspotter that The Foo Truck would be out there, slinging burritos.

Thanks, Joe.