Pizzeria Vetri - whose oven is blazing at 1939 Callowhill St.- has a deal for a second location.

And when you're Marc Vetri, you don't need a fancy street location.

Marc Vetri, Jeff Benjamin, Jeff Michaud and Brad Spence have leased a storefront in the back of the building - on Chancellor Street, midblock, across from a parking garage and down the street from Little Pete's. (Check this 11-second video below to see the exact location.)

It's all very urban, back-alley. "Everybody walks that way anyway," Vetri told me, shortly after putting ink to paper. He said this location would give "easier access to Rittenhouse folk."

Just as the pizzeria on Callowhill Street, it will be open for lunch and dinner and will have a liquor license. The Chancellor Street location will be slightly larger. If you live in the building, get the door: It's Vetri.

It's targeted for mid-spring - and more are on the way. Vetri said Washington, D.C., is on the radar, too.