Queen Village - a hopping part of the city these days, restaurant-wise - soon will get Puyero Venezuelan Flavor, serving Venezuelan street food.

The colorful eatery - whose name is an idiom meaning "to have a good time" - is taking shape at 524 S. Fourth St., a storefront next to the charming Don Quixote Tapas & Things, a Latin BYOB. It's expected to open in early December.

Maracaibo-raised brothers Gil and Simon Arends, and Gil's wife, Manuela, are working with the parent company behind Bon Burger, a small, Venezuelan better-burger chain. (Gil Arends is a lawyer, Simon Arends is an architect, and Manuela teaches yoga; flexibility, after all, is a good trait for a restaurateur.)

Specialties, to be ordered at the counter, are arepas (crunchy, filled cornmeal pockets); patacónes (sandwiches built not on bread but on green plantain that's been sliced lengthwise, fried, and pressed flat; and pan con queso (sandwiches built on hot dog buns), plus plenty of sauces and Venezuelan beverages.

Queen Village, meanwhile, has seen a spate of openings lately, including Village Taverna (a Greek BYOB), a branch of Plenty Cafe (an all-day cafe), and Teresa's Mesa (a Mexican cantina).

Also on the way - perhaps as soon as Nov. 28 - is a branch of Ambler's Mi Lah Vegetarian, replacing Hostaria da Elio at 615 S. Third St. This location will specialize in dim sum and small plates.