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Q adds burger line

The Old City BBQ joint/tequila bar is rolling out a slight change of focus.

Q BBQ & Tequila, which Kevin Meeker installed on the site of his longtime Philadelphia Fish & Co. earlier this year, is getting a slight reconceptualization.

The Old City spot will add a burger menu the second week of January and will be known hereafter as Q Barbecue, Burgers & Tequila.

He's promising a Q quick burger, which he says is his answer to the fast-food skinny burger: thin and cooked on the flat top and served on a soft sesame roll with free condiments (lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mayo, etc.). You get a single, double, or triple for as little as $6.40.

Gourmet burgers (under $9) will be the higher fat content of black Angus chuck and brisket blend. They will be topped with crispy fried onions as well as a combination of other toppings.

Q also will offer a Kona burger rubbed with kona coffee (!) and topped with pineapple and shoyu glaze; a Breakfast burger served with fried egg and bacon, a Jalapeno burger stuffed with hot peppers and cheese.