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Restaurant notes: Horizons sets its finale

But the vegan landmark has not named its new location.

Horizons on Seventh Street just below South, one of the few polished vegan spots around, has set July 2 as its closing date.

Owners/spouses Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau will resurface within Center City with a vegan concept focused on vegetables. Tofu will be involved. So, to a minor extent, will seitan. The restaurant's name has not been announced.

For Horizons' final month, Landau will bring back some classic dishes as he changes the menu frequently. Among his past hits will be the sopa de tortilla (with a green-chili broth), the Yucatan salad, and a certain pecan and sage-baked seitan dish that Landau says he yanked from the menu after Inquirer critic Craig LaBan quibbled that it wasn't the same that Landau had prepared in Horizons' previous location, in Willow Grove.

"He had a point," Landau told me, agreeing that it wasn't the same dish, as he had eliminated the veggie sausage during Horizons' move to Seventh Street.

At any rate, it will be offered as a special. Probably with the veggie sausage. Landau says there won't be any fireworks, per se, on the last night. The staff, though, will enjoy a private feast on the next day as they eat up the rest of the food and drink the rest of the beer on site.

Next up for the space, this fall: A branch of Nomad Pizza.