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Restaurant notes: Sushi rollover

A spot turns over. Again.

  1. If you're keeping score: The count of sushi spots in the ground floor of Center City One (1326 Spruce St.) is about to hit five -- and only in the last three years. First, Miraku, which folded at the end of 2007. Then, Missu. Then, Muntin. Then, Hasu. Next up, in early January: a branch of Makiman Sushi, which happens to be my go-to spot in Five Points in Northeast Philly.

  2. New: Yamaki Sushi Bar (209 S. 20th St., 215-545-2388), which has two small tables and a seven-seat sushi bar. The friendly owners Patrick Yuen and Erwin Wu do the usual: rolls, sushi/sashimi, and the unusual: "cheese steak," which are maki stuffed with steak and cheese, topped with tempura crunch, and served with rice and seaweed salad.