Chef Olivier Desaintmartin is venturing next door to his Zinc Bistro (246 S. 11th St.) in Washington Square West with a neat project that will be très Euro, down to the circumflex.

Petit Rôti, a market and rotisserie done up like a French butcher shop, is under construction in what was a branch of Gianfranco Pizza Rustica at 248 S. 11th St. It's expected to open in September.

Desaintmartin - who also owns the nearby Caribou Cafe and is not only a champion of TV's Chopped but a member of the MaÎtres Cuisiniers de France - will source his chicken, beef and pork from farms that use no GMOs. He's bringing in two blue enamel rotisseries from France.

Rotisserie sandwiches will be served all day on baguettes, and side dishes will be available at dinnertime. There will be about 20 seats.

The market, open seven days, will be a French grocery selling mustards, salts, cornichons, olives, fresh breads, vinegars and the like.

Desaintmartin is even importing his niece, Emily Gannon, from Virginia to run the place.