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Spread Bagelry on the rise

Larry Rosenblum explains what a "Montreal-style" bagel is.

Come 7 a.m. Monday, May 2, business partners Larry Rosenblum and Mark Cosgrove will unlock the door of Spread Bagelry, across from Twenty Manning Grill on 20th Street between Locust and Spruce.

For weeks now, they've been feeding round circles of dough into the maw of their hand-built, wood-fired oven. They're happy with their most recent tests: a Montreal-style bagel that's crunchier and far less doughy than anything I've seen around here. (Part of the baking secret is honey.)

The shop has seating (including four or so seats outside in a random urban courtyard) and La Colombe coffee.

Here's the menu.

On this quickie video, Rosenblum explains the difference between the Montreal style and the New York style that Philadelphians try to emulate.