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Starr to say iole! to Rittenhouse Square

He's planning to go Mexican at 2013 Chestnut St.

Last month, when Stephen Starr signed a lease for the former Midtown IV diner at 2013 Chestnut St., he indicated that a Mexican concept was one contender.

It's no secret that he's searching for a "Latin chef."

He confirms that "Mexico City" is the spot's working name and that tacos al pastor -- the south-of-the-border interpretation of Middle Eastern shawarma -- will be the specialty.

Mexico City's showpiece, he says, will be the tiny bar in the back room, which he says will use a private entrance from the alley. He's mum on the decor but said it would not resemble El Vez in any form.

The timetable has not been announced, but it's being positioned for spring.