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Starr plans pizzeria next to Parc

New York-style pies, mostly takeout/delivery.

Tucked into Inquirer critic Craig LaBan's three-bell review of Pizzeria Stella today was this note:

"[Stephen] Starr has ... a New York-style pizza take-out/delivery nook planned soon beside Parc" (at 18th and Locust on Rittenhouse Square).

He'll open it on the Locust Street side, where the restaurant Potcheen used to be, and he's not 100% sure of a name.

But this is what Starr further tells me: "It'll be 18-inch pizza, more in the spirit of Patsy's in East Harlem and Lucali in Brooklyn, one that holds up better with more cheese. The dough profile is different [from Stella's]. It may have two tables, six seats. No beer, no liquor."

He and his crew have been testing dough recipes at his closed restaurant Tangerine, and are headed to Long Island this week to test the dough in an oven he's considering.

March (!) for opening.