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Texas Wieners, the South Philly hot dog destination, returns

The brother of the latest owner says he will take it over.

Hot dog mecca Texas Wieners, shuttered in September, has returned, maintaining a South Philadelphia tradition that dates back to 1923.

Michael Viggiano, whose brother John was the latest owner of the shop at 1426 Snyder Ave., performed extensive cleaning and sprucing up.

It's the same menu, which specializes in grilled, split hot dogs.

Michael Viggiano also obtained the recipe, created by the original owner, for the signature Greek sauce.

The brown sauce doesn't look like much, but it adds a zingy flavor without overwhelming the hot dogs' taste.

Viggiano, 29, who lives nearby, had helped manage a short-lived Texas Wieners outpost in Collingswood before he went to work for the city Register of Wills office six years ago. Even as a Texas Wieners employee, he did not know the recipe for Greek sauce.

With the sale, his brother handed him what he described as "an old piece of paper that has been passed down for years."

The Viggianos' uncle Russell Viggiano owned Texas Wieners previously, having bought the business in 2000.

Despite signs that alternately spell the name as "Texas Weiners" and "Texas Wieners," Michael Viggiano said he would heed his uncle's advice of "I before E except after C."

Texas Wieners closed Sept. 9 after it failed a health inspection. John Viggiano described the issues as minor, and said he was selling the place because he had gotten a job in another field.

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