It appears that the taco shop coming to downtown Ambler will not include "Feliz" in its name.

Brian Sirhal and chef Tim Spinner - who own Cantina Feliz in nearby Fort Washington as well as La Calaca Feliz in Fairmount and the forthcoming Taqueria Feliz in Manayunk - had filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court seeking to block restaurateur Rene Hernandez from naming his forthcoming shop "Taco Feliz."

Such a name would be confusing to the public, the lawsuit alleged.

Sirhal and Spinner obtained a temporary injunction.

There's a court date scheduled for next Thursday, but a drive-by today shows a bright orange card obscuring the word "Feliz" in the shop's window.

(Perhaps Hernandez will call it Taco Naranja.)

He did not return a message for comment.