Kevin Sbraga of Sbraga restaurant on South Broad Street is planning his second restaurant, The Fat Ham, at 3131 Walnut St. in The Left Bank in University City.

In Part 1, he let us in on a design meeting for the space, which he hopes to open in November.

In Part 2, the rubber hits the road as he and his associates went on a road trip to explore Southern cusine.

In Part 3, Sbraga and company meet the press.

In Part 4, construction starts on the space.

In Part 5, Sbraga and crew test recipes.

In Part 6, Sbraga hires staff.

Part 7: Light work.

Well, it's not "light work" as in easy. It's "light work" as in lighting.

With 10 days before the start of staff training and perhaps 18 days before the planned opening of The Fat Ham, the construction has begun in earnest.

You might believe it, given that a human-sized ice machine and kitchen sink are sitting in the dining room, and the bar top is not even installed. (The bar top, the back bar and the tables have been crafted from hemlock, and are getting treatments offsite.)

The bulk of the kitchen is done - the hood is installed and will be finished Monday, Nov. 11, the stoves are hooked up, and the restrooms are pretty much ready to go.

Next up: Pendant lighting that will hang over each table, as well as track lighting.

Sbraga says training will begin at night during the week of Nov. 18, so the workers can finish the job during the day.