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The Mexican bar in Fishtown no one knows about

It's called Loco Pez, and it's unabashedly a '70s thing.

The number of old-man bars in Fishtown -- those wonderfully cheesy spots with wood-paneled walls, tile floors and drop ceilings that appear right out of a Mr. Goodbuys, circa 1978 -- is dwindling with every passing year.

Joe Beckham, who owns Alfa on Walnut Street, bought the Crazy Fish Saloon, at the intersection of Norris, Susquehanna and Cedar, a barroom that time largely forgot. Then he gutted the interior and rebuilt it, re-creating the '70s rec-room vibe.

Beckham, intrigued with L.A.-style Mexican street food, calls it Loco Pez -- a fanciful translation of the previous name. It opens Tuesday, Sept. 20.

The setup is a kitschy coup: The original bar; mismatched curios (plus Pez dispensers over the bar); a photo of Julio Iglesias; a 3-D image of Jesus; a fish tank behind the bar; lots of tequilas; six beers on tap; and tacos, quesadillas, burritos and burgers.

It's open nightly from 5 o'clock. Your challenge: finding it. There's no sign. 2401 E. Norris St.