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The Phillies' signature hot dog is...

See how Aramark came up with a winning wiener.

After months of debate and taste-testing, fans voted on a signature hot dog to be served at Phillies games at Citizens Bank Park this season.

I describe the process in Thursday's Food section, how Aramark's chefs came up with three varieties:

  1. South Philly Hot Dog: An all-beef dog, topped with broccoli rabe, spicy roasted peppers and sharp provolone on a crusty Italian roll

  2. Olde Philadelphia Hot Dog: An all-beef dog, topped with Amish pepper hash, dill pickle and yellow mustard on a poppyseed roll

  3. Citizens Bank Park Summer Hot Dog: An all-beef dog, topped with cucumbers, pickled onion salsa and ancho pepper sauce on a pretzel roll.

After 6,455 votes at the ballpark and online:

The South Philly captured 46 percent of the vote, compared with 32 percent for the Summer Hot Dog and 22 percent for the Olde Philadelphia.

It'll cost you $5.75 to play ball.