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The lighter side of DTV switch

As you can imagine, TV stations are fielding all sorts of calls today from people mystified by the sudden disappearance of their picture.

But CBS3 news operations supervisor Chris Brady managed a light moment on the DTV switch. He personally walked one woman through her converter box hookup and got her to rescan it -- a 30-minute process in this case.

Assured she was good to go, he asked: "So, is your refrigerator running?"

To which she quickly answered, "Yes."

"Well, you better go get it."

A pause -- and then they both had a good, long laugh of relief.

By the way, today's DTV switch spells the end of 87.7 FM as the analog audio signal of 6ABC, a phenomenon that Philadelphians have observed since the late 1940s. No more listening to Wheel of Fortune on your drive home.

(Post corrected.)