Ever so gradually, the so-called Eraserhood neighborhood straddling Spring Garden Street east of Broad is gaining respectability.

You have Bufad, Cafe Lift and Prohibition Taproom on 13th Street, The Institute at 12th and Green, the Trestle Inn at 11th and Callowhill, the bustling Union Transfer where Spaghetti Warehouse was on Spring Garden, Llama Tooth across the way, the quaint Venezuelan BYOB Sazon at 10th and Spring Garden, and the new combo coffee shop/library/tattoo parlor (!) Vice at 1035 Spring Garden.

Now on the way is W/N W/N, a combo coffeeshop by day and bar by night, and it will occupy the long-vacant Siam Lotus space at 931 Spring Garden St. Target date is June 1, but the lease was just signed.

The place will be run by a collective of eight partners, including Tony Montagnaro (who was opening general manager at Pizza Brain) and Will Darwall (who worked at Elixr).

Yes, the name is SEO-unfriendly, but it's a pun - "win/win" and "waste not, want not," says Montagnaro. That is the partners want to emphasize a local and earth-friendly approach "without being preachy about it."

The "win/win" side refers to the fact that the partners are optimistic: "Nobody loses, whether it it's the farmer or the consume," he said.

Montagnaro says the cafe will be open in the morning with specialty coffee, breads and pastries as well as a hot breakfast.

Rather than burden the kitchen, one plate of food - as well as bar snacks - will be offered in the evening, "like you would at someone's house," he said.