Greg Dodge, who popped the wine/beer/pizza specialist Zavino onto the northwest corner of 13th and Sansom Streets nearly five years ago, is going across the street with a new spot, Tredici.

Tredici (say it "tray-DEE-chay" and translate it as "thirteen"), a Mediterranean enoteca with a broad small-plate menu, will take the former Doggie Style shop on the southwest corner. El Vez and Capogiro also have the other corners; this is one of the densest blocks and a half of dining in the city (Sampan, Vintage, Charlie was a sinner., Barbuzzo, Lolita, Jamonera, Zio's, Mamou, plus more around each corner, like Opa).

Tredici - a 50-seater with an S-shaped dining room, 12-seat bar and open kitchen - is billed as a "more feminine" version of Zavino, with a bright, airy cafe feel. Menu from chef Carlos Aparicio will draw from Spain, France, Greece and Italy.

Zavino has a larger University CIty branch that opened last fall. Tredici will have the similar shelving.

Tredici's opening is down for early 2015.