Bad couple of days for pop-up beer gardens.

Uptown Beer Garden, which opened July 1 outside Mellon Bank Center (1735 Market St.), has been shut down by the city Department of Licenses & Inspections.

The city contends that operators flouted a shutdown order issued the day it opened. Uptown, which occupies much of the ground space around the office tower, has been a hit since its opening, with lines wending their way around the block.

Uptown operator Teddy Sourias said he was uncertain when the beer garden would reopen.

Sourias said an L&I officlal told him Wednesday that he needed to secure a building permit and then receive a permit for two trailers before being granted authority to operate. One trailer houses the Uptown's portable restrooms; the other is used as a beer bar.

L&I deputy commissioner Ralph DiPietro said a violation was issued on July 1, requiring zoning and building permits and a certificate of occupancy. A stop work order was issued.

Sourias showed a reporter a copy of a "permanent special event certificate" that L&I had issued July 1.

"We were recently notified that the operation continued in violation of the SWO and now have ceased all activity," DiPietro said. "Inspectors from the department's Nuisance Unit will monitor the site for future violations of the order and will take whatever additional enforcement actions are deemed necessary."

Meanwhile, the Point Breeze pop-up beer garden remains shut down.