"Early February" is the target for a vegan fast-fooder just off Rittenhouse Square.

Nicole Marquis, who was a manager for two years at the late vegan destination Horizons, is behind the still-unnamed shop at 127 S. 18th St., the former Pad Thai Shack, between Sansom and Walnut Streets. (Marquis' working name is Marquis & Co.)

Horizons chef-owner Rich Landau, about to open Vedge later this week, consulted with Marquis. "It's delicious food you can sink your teeth into," she says about her burger-and-fries menu, all made without animal fats.

She's heavily into environmental issues and plans to send the compost material back to the farm that supplies her produce.

Fair to say that this stretch of 18th Street is one of the hottest areas in town, what with Tria, The Dandelion, Serafina, and a.kitchen -- as well as the Crumbs Bake Shop on the books for the corner two doors south.