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Vetri tapes "Iron Chef America"

But whom did Philly's best-known Italian chef battle? And who won?

It's way too early to set your DVR, but here's solid intell:

Philly's best-known Italian chef, Marc Vetri -- he of Vetri, Osteria and the forthcoming Amís -- went to Kitchen Stadium and taped a competition on Food Network's Iron Chef America not too long ago.

His competitor: the similarly follically deficient Michael Symon, the pride of Cleveland.

The results, secret ingredient and such ... Gotta wait.

Vetri brushed off my efforts to confirm.

The Food Network says it won't announce episodes till after New Year's.

Philly, meanwhile, will be ably represented on Food Network this fall with Jose Garces as a competitor on The Next Iron Chef, which premieres Oct. 4.

And Jennifer Carroll of 10 Arts is getting mad love on Bravo's Top Chef.