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What's to become of Front and Market?

The building at 100 Market St. has a new owner, though his plans are indefinite.

The building at Front and Market Streets - one of the linchpins of Old City but vacant for three decades - has been sold to Internet entrepreneur Darren Hill.

Hill, a founder and CEO of Old City-based WebLinc, owns the nearby National Mechanics bar-restaurant and the new Lucha Cartel bar-restaurant.

Citing busy-ness, he says he's not quite sure what he wants to do with 100 Market St. - develop it himself or farm out the work to someone else.

The property is the site of the nation's first stock exchange (see neat backgrounder from Hidden City Philadelphia here).

A Hill company bought the building out of bankruptcy earlier this year for $1 million, records show. Two years ago, a previous owner had hoped to develop it as a bar-restaurant, but that project ran out of money.