Fourth and South Streets, 2:53 a.m. Sunday, March 15.

A gaggle of guys - apparently looking for a post-bar sandwich at Jim's Steaks - discover that it's closed. The shop had run out of rolls.

After a bit of what appears to be gentle pounding on the windows on the South Street side, one hurled himself, shoulder-first, into the window, shattering it and the adjacent pane. He then ran away.

The broken windows remained in place and were replaced Monday.

Ken Silver, who owns Jim's, is ready to call in the Steakout Squad after he paid $1,850 for new glass. He has released this security-camera video in hopes that the public will be able to identify the guys.

If you can ID anyone in the video - even the dog they're with - contact Philadelphia police or Silver at the shop, 215-928-1911.