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What's up in 2010 for Garces and Starr?

By this reckoning, there will be eight or nine new restaurants between them in 2010.

Stephen Starr and Jose Garces are responsible for some of the city's most-buzzed-about restaurants.

Here's what they have on the books for 2010.

Follow along:

  1. A reopening at Washington Square (210 W. Washington Square) with a concept to be determined: spring.

  2. A reopening at Blue Angel/Angelina (706 Chestnut St.) with a concept to be determined: TBA.

  3. A Greek restaurant on the site of his now-closed Tangerine (232 Market St.): September.

  4. A restaurant, possibly* Mexican, at 2013 Chestnut St.

  5. A branch of Stella Pizza in Center City (and possibly others in Chestnut Hill or the Main Line): TBA.

* Starr says Mexican is not 100% certain

  1. Garces Trading Company, a cafe partnered with a State Store, at 1111 Locust St.: January.

  2. A "farm-to-table" restaurant at the Cira Centre, next to 30th Street Station: TBA

  3. A plan for a beer-and-bratwurst spot, possibly at 13th and Chancellor Streets; lease is not signed.