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Zahav crew signs another lease

Steve Cook and Michael Solomonov, who own Zahav, Xochitl and Marigold, are going into 900 South St., and the concept is...

This just in:

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov, flush with critical success at Zahav, are going into 900 South St. -- the former Crescent City -- with a Texas-style barbecue restaurant. Name and chef are to be announced. Zahav designer Elisabeth Knapp got the nod to do the interior.

BBQ seems to be the rage, as Philadelphia Fish & Company reflagged itself Q BBQ & Tequila Bar and other spots like Bebe's Barbecue in the Italian Market and Holy Smoke in Roxborough are getting traction. (Of course, any mention of BBQ in Philly will set off an outpouring of wailing that "Philly doesn't [or don't] know real barbecue.")

Cook/Solo will bump up a Bella Vista neighborhood that includes a Starbucks next door, Supper down the block and Horizons two blocks away, says real estate broker Laurence Steinberg.

The partners have quite a quiver of concepts: Israeli (Zahav), Mexican (Xochitl) and Southern (Marigold Kitchen).

Cook told me that he wants to open in mid-fall.