Let's go to 15th and Locust Streets to solve one of the deeper dining mysteries of the last year or so:

What is the future occupant of the former Cosi, on the southeast corner across from Fado?

It will be the first U.S. offshoot of the casual Roman pizzeria Alice (pronounced "ah-LEE-cheh"), where Domenico Giovannini uses a patented technique for his pizza al taglio that gives it a 48-hour rise with limited yeast. In sum, the pizza is light and easily digestible.

This Alice — which is due to open sometime in November — will be set up much like the original, near the Vatican, with counter service staffed by bartenders.

Yes, it will have a bar, with Italian wine, beer, and cocktails.

Light menu will also include supplì as well as Roman staples such as cacio e pepe and  saltimbocca.

This location also will sell the gelato and coffee from the nearby Gran Caffe L'Aquila.

The American in the equation is veteran restaurateur Mario Longo (Toscana 52 plus others).

Stay tuned.

For a taste of al taglio, check Rione, which opened five months ago at 102 S. 21st St.