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Burger King launches Philly cheesesteak burger — with a Whopper of a claim

A BK location is protesting a Philly-theme burger? Puhleeze.

The Philly Cheese King from Burger King.
The Philly Cheese King from Burger King.Read moreCOURTESY BURGER KING

This one smells like total PR hype, but I'll bite anyway.

Burger King is now out with the Philly Cheese King burger, a flame-grilled half-pound of beef topped with caramelized onions and American cheese. It's a riff, of course, on the cheesesteak.

But wait. The location at 15 S. Eighth St. has opted out of selling the new burger, in respect to the "traditional recipe" that calls for grilled rib-eye, a griddle, a crusty roll, and love.

The Philly Cheese King won't be sold at the Center City location "until otherwise overturned by the Burger King brand."

Hmm. "Overturned"? This information was contained in a press release from Burger King, which also sent along this video shot outside the Eighth Street location showing what are purported to be real Philadelphians enjoying the burger after initial skepticism.

And further: This whole "Philly cheesesteak burger" is nothing new. BK itself pulled a version of this burger on us two years ago. The "Philly Cheeseburger" also had two cheese-and-onion-topped patties, but it was built on a long, seeded hamburger bun. Other fast-food companies have offered Philly cheesesteak burgers — two years ago, Rally's and Checkers even topped theirs with actual shaved beef. (Though it felt obliged to top it with Swiss cheese.)

And further still: The idea of a boycott does not wash, given that I know that the franchisee owns at least three other BK locations in Philly, and those are selling it.

Yep, Burger King. We got your Whopper right here.

Let's do roast pork for lunch, shall we?