Dejvi Furxhi and Albi Furxhiu, both 27-year-old front-of-the-house veterans, are looking at May 2 for the opening of Burrata, an Italian BYOB, at 13th and Wharton Streets in South Philadelphia.

The restaurant is taking over for August, a BYOB that enjoyed a 14-year run before its closing last year.

They brightened up the interior, adding wood cladding.

They're keeping the menu and chef's name close to the vest at the moment, but will say they expect a typical check of $35 per person for the dinner experience. The menu will include bold pastas on the order of mint-infused fettuccine with rabbit ragu, shaved truffles, and pecorino.

Furxhi's previous stops include Fraschetta in Bryn Mawr and general manager of Caffe Casta Diva in Rittenhouse. Furxhiu  worked at Caffe Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill.